Mobile Application Development Sydney


A vision to create apps that make a difference.

At FARENTAL we provide a structured and synchronised mobile app development guideline for all our customers. This ensures all goals are monitored and met. These include:

Meeting development time frames

Ensuring developmental plans are in sync with business plans

Early identification of early opportunities and fixtures

Risk management frameworks

High level security protocols and procedures are put in place

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Mobile App Development Process

Free Consultation

Our team will discuss your idea with you and brainstorm what key factors you should be aware of and what you need to look out for. Our consultations are a great way to find out more information and have a better understanding of building an app.


During this stage our team will work alongside you identifying the needs and requirements of your app. We look at factors such as, the usage of the app, target audience, security levels required, start up or business use etc.


Once all factors have been identified we will provide an assessment, covering topics such as, total development costs, development time frames etc. Each function of the app will be priced as this provides the most accurate quote and financial roadmap for your future plan.


Development of the app commences! It is an exciting time for all involved. All hands on deck, its time to bring your idea to life! During this phase our development team will be in weekly contact with you, providing you updates and brainstorming sessions.


Once development is completed its time for testing! Our development team will test each aspect of the app to ensure the highest quality of standard is provided. Testing can include both virtual and physical.


Its game day! The day where your idea finally becomes reality. Dont worry we’re not going anywhere, we continue to provide support after launch date. Nothing drives our team better to see our customers reach their goals!


Developing a minimal viable product

A minimal viable product is an app that has just enough key features and functions in order to gather data and feedback from its specific target audience. Some what like a reconnaissance mission.

There are multiple benefits of developing an MVP for e.g. ability to test your idea within the market, decrease in development time frame and associated costs, MVPs can also mitigate risk accordingly, the ability to test your idea first and confirm its usage whilst gathering the most amount of feedback and data is crucial towards the growth of your app.

Our team specialises in developing MVPs, book your free consultation now to find out more!

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