8 Different Ways to Advertise your App

You’ve taken the leap and started developing your mobile app. You’re just about ready to launch but before you do so, you need to make sure you advertise it well. After all, there are about 3 million mobile apps currently and you don’t want your app to just be another number to that tally. You need to make sure you enter the game strong so don’t get lost in the sea of mobile apps. Here are 8 different ways to advertise your app.

Start a blog or partner with a blog in your niche
A blog can be a great way to introduce your blog to your target niche. It might take some time for your blog to gain traffic so you can partner with a well-established blog to get great results fast.

Harness the power of social media

Create a solid social media following through which you can advertise your app. Your audience will see through click-bait posts so make sure that your posts have good content so that it’s click-worthy and share-worthy.

Partner with influencers
Identify reputable influencers within your niche that can promote your app to their followers. If the influencer you’re working with already has a huge following, getting your app noticed will be a piece of cake!

Record a podcast
Identify podcasts that target your niche and ask to collaborate. The podcast can be a great way to increase awareness of your app and address any questions or concerns that users may have. Being interviewed by a reputable podcast can also score big on your own reputation.

Host a contest
There are a lot of social media accounts that regularly holds a contest to boost user traffic. You can also do the same to get people to notice your app. Mechanics can be as simple as liking your social media page and tagging a friend. Make sure that the mechanics are not too hard or else people won’t bother joining it.

Explore Google Adwords
Adwords is an online advertising platform wherein you can display brief ads, service pr listings, as well as videos to web users. If you are able to identify the keywords that your target niche uses, you can take advantage of this advertising platform and reach your potential customers.

Ask for customer ratings
Once you have a few downloads, encourage your users to leave a review. You can explicitly ask them by the form of pop-ups, or you can reward each review with a form of compensation. You just need to be careful that you do not influence your users to leave good feedback in order to receive compensation as it might break fair trade practices.

Offer free trials
You can encourage users to download your paid app by offering free trials for a limited time. This will allow users to test your app without any risk and experience for themselves the usability of your app. You just need to make sure that you continually engage your users to keep using your app.

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