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Gives Shape To Your Idea With Clear Strategy And Professional Design.

We are a creative branding and digital marketing agency located in Sydney, Australia. Our branding consultants work with clients of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations.


It’s never been more crucial to build an authentic and powerful branding.

Wondering how to create a powerful brand that captivates your audience? At FARENTAL, our brand design specialists create and revitalise the design that will support your company’s success.


Branding is the representation of a company’s personality and values that makes it instantly recognisable. It is the process of communicating a unique selling proposition that sets your product or service apart from the competition.

It defines your brand positioning and uniqueness with your brand name, tagline, graphic design like logo design and typography, colour scheme and symbols, but also advertising, customer service, and promotional merchandise.

Whether you need a new brand or a brand refresh, FARENTAL helps you create a positive impression on your customers and prospects that will promote your business and give it a competitive edge!


A good branding will help with brand awareness, or how familiar people are with your brand.

Working together on the name, style, and design, FARENTAL helps you create a unique brand that will reflect your brand’s personality and make you stand out from your competitors.

Our Sydney-based digital branding agency will help you craft the branding your company needs to sell its products and / or services and to be memorable.


The process to build a successful brand is to create a:

Brand Strategy – We help you position your brand

Determine your target audience and create a buyer persona, your ideal customer.

Once you’ve researched your target audience and competitors, establish your mission statement (the purpose of your company) and define how you want your company to be perceived. Let us know about your goals and personality.

Tell us more about your business, business name and slogan, and how you want customers to think about your brand. FARENTAL helps you make a brand assessment and a market research to define your brand strategy and positioning.

Brand Identity – We help you bring your brand strategy to life

Your brand identity is what you want people to feel when they interact with your brand.
It includes the look, the personality and values of your brand.

Discuss with us the brand visualisation, tone of voice, and collateral.
We create a brand identity that will have the best impact and communicate your promise to the customers.

Design – We create the designs that deliver the right message to your audience

Our digital branding agency provides unique designs to support your company success.

Branding usually starts with a logo design and then you can apply your branding across your business to be consistent. FARENTAL’S logo designers are ready to create the logo you need to start a good branding! Logo design, web design and all graphic design in between, our agency creates professional designs that deliver the right message to your audience.

FARENTAL - Branding / Rebranding Agency in Sydney

Do you have an existing branding that needs to be updated?

FARENTAL is a digital branding agency in Sydney that can help you with the rebranding of your business. Let’s chat and develop together your message, core values and stories, and redesign your marketing supports accordingly.

Our rebranding specialists help your business reinvent itself with its new objectives. Let’s run a rebranding campaign to connect with your customers better, increase your audience and sales!


Building a strong brand means building trust with your customers. At FARENTAL, we create with you a good branding that drives sales, on a regular basis thanks to loyal customers and good reputation.


FARENTAL is a digital marketing / branding agency in Sydney. We help new and established businesses enhance their branding to develop their brand recognition and grow.

With expertise in digital marketing and web / app development, we are a full services provider in Sydney. FARENTAL brings your brand to life!

Once we’ve learnt about your brand vision, objectives, and market, Farental’s branding experts create a plan to convey your business’ values. We start with a brand assessment and market research to define your positioning and strategy.

Our graphic design services help you get a professional logo design and create with you the design of your brand identity. We provide photography services, as well as website design and development.

8 elements that make a good brand:

    • Has a clear focus
    • Knows its target audience
    • Has a mission
    • Knows their competition and USP
    • Can identify its key values
    • Tells its story
    • Has a brand identity that reflects these goals
    • Is consistent

Having a strong brand is essential for your business to differentiate itself from competition.

To develop a unique brand identity in 2021:

1. Make some research

    • Learn what your audience wants to create a brand they’ll love
    • Define what makes you unique on the market (your value proposition)
    • Write a mission statement with your vision and goals
    • Create a personality by choosing specific type, colors and imagery to represent your brand
    • Complete a SWOT Analysis to see where you brand stands

2. Get a logo design:

    • Your logo will be on all your branding / marketing supports, it is important to get it right

3. Use a language that talks to your audience:

    • On social media and advertisements

4. Be consistent:

    • Be focused on your message and be consistent between your online and offline presence

5. Look for feedback:

    • See how people talk about your brand so you can improve it

Farental is a branding agency that helps all types of companies grow. Set your brand apart from the competition with beautiful, creative and inspiring messaging and collateral.

Our Consultant will contact you immediately. Thank you for your inquiry!