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A vision to create apps that make a difference

In this digital age, a mobile app can make or break your business. The percentage of mobile internet users have steadily increased in the last few years, accounting to half of the total web traffic worldwide. Thus, if you do not have a mobile app yet or have, you are missing out on reaching fifty percent of your customers.

At FARENTAL, we can help you reach the widest audience by turning your ideas and visions into reality. We envision to create apps that make a difference by building a stunning and efficient mobile app that your customers will enjoy and love.

Our team of expert developers will help you reach that goal by providing structured and synchronised mobile app development services. We offer a wide range of technology-related solutions under one roof to ensure all goals are monitored and met in a timely manner.

These services include:

Are you looking for a partner in building your mobile app?

FARENTAL is here for you! We are in the business of web design and development, and it is our passion to create technology that enables change and evolution. We also offer a wide variety of packages that you can choose from that will cater to your business needs. It is our priority to make your web development service catered with passion and utmost quality.

Why Farental?

Our experts app developers have a deep-seated desire for innovation. We are always in search of the newest and most efficient business solutions which we can use in your mobile app creation. Our outside-the-box thinking provides you with solutions for current problems and also anticipate future ones.
We create
Our goal with every client we take on board is to create an app that will help their business. We take a user-centered approach and create an app based on your needs. We use the most innovative technology to cater you and your customer’s needs.
We adapt
Our world is fast changing. Only the ones who can adapt can survive and succeed. We are flexible to adapt to any issues and roadblocks that come our way. We utilise a wide variety of languages, frameworks and platforms to find a solution fitting for your business. Your app needs to grow as your business grows. At FARENTAL, we realise this need and make sure your app satisfies this need.
Mobile App Development Process
Our clients love our Mobile App Development Process because it is simple, straight-forward, and efficient. We aim to make the process as easy as possible so you can start earning and reaching your business goals! Take a minute to read below the complete process on how we start the creation process for our client’s mobile apps.
Free Consultation
It all starts with a free consultation. Our initial consultations can last from 15 minutes, up to 1 hour, depending on your business needs. Our team will discuss your idea with you and brainstorm what key factors you should be aware of in building your mobile app. We will also take into consideration potential issues and what you need to look out for. Our consultations are a great way to find out more information and have a better understanding of building your app. Our consultations are completely free of charge, no strings attached. Book your free consultation today on this link.
The identification stage will do an in-depth analysis of your mobile app needs. During this stage, our team will work alongside you to identify your overall business goals and how it ties to the needs and requirements of your app. We will identify different opportunities we can to explore that will appeal to your target market and also uncover unique opportunities to connect to a larger audience. Our app development company looks at factors such as the usage of the app, target audience, security levels required, start-up or business use etc.
Once all factors have been identified and gaps have been diagnosed, we will provide a comprehensive assessment of the overall project. It will cover topics such as total development costs, development time frames etc. It will detail all the functions of the app and its corresponding price so you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to prioritise and help you create a financial roadmap for your future plan. You can choose to start with limited features and then expand to added features as your business grows.
The boring part is over and the development of the app begins! It is an exciting time for all involved. All hands on deck! The time has finally come to bring your idea to life! During this phase, our development team will be in weekly contact with you, providing you updates and keeping you informed of any progress. Brainstorming sessions may also be done if in case there are roadblocks or bottlenecks in the overall customer experience.
Once development is completed its time for testing! Our development team will test each aspect of the app to ensure the highest quality of standard is provided. Testing can include both virtual and physical and can last up to several weeks until we are sure that all systems are a go. Rigorous testing will be done to ensure that the app is ready for launch! Nothing can be more embarrassing that your app crashing on the day of lauch so we make sure it can handle an influx of activity during this period.
It’s game day! The day where your idea finally becomes reality. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere! Our mobile application development company continues to provide support after the launch date. We provide continuous support to ensure that the app is working as it should. We also provide initial results of the app’s performance and make recommendations as we see them. Nothing drives our team better to see our clients reach their goals!
Our years of experience
Our Sydney-based company offers end-to-end mobile app development. With over 25+ years of experience in the industry of designing and creating digital products, we provide satisfying results to all our clients. For over 25 years, FARENTAL has been. We have clients all over Australia and overseas from various industries such as eCommerce, education, finance, and startups. Our expert app developers graduated from some of the finest educational institutions in the country, applying their skills and knowledge in designing and creating your app.
What our clients love about us
Our clients who have been with us appreciate our smooth process. Clients appreciate our weekly check-ins and progress report and any ad-hoc calls to smoothen out any problems encountered. We are quick to address issues as soon as they arise so that we can identify a solution from the onset. Our clients also appreciate that we take an end-to-end approach in mobile app development. We provide assistance to our clients from the very start and even after the app launch to ensure that all systems are a go. We also provide support for any app updates needed down the line which may be needed as your business grows. Our clients are grateful for our flexible packages and pricing, as it allows them to pick and choose which feature they want to go ahead with as a priority. This is perfect for start-ups who operate on a smaller budget but would still like to launch a mobile app. Lastly, our clients are grateful for our friendly and knowledgeable mobile app experts. Our clients appreciate that their business needs are put above anything else and truly feel that they are part of the process of creating their app. We always strive for transparency in every step of the way, so our clients are not left in the dark and surprised by the end product. Still not sure if creating an app is right for you and your business? Check out our Minimal Viable Product (MVP).
What is a minimal viable product?
A minimal viable product is an app that has just enough key features and functions in order to gather data and feedback from its specific target audience. Somewhat like a reconnaissance mission which aims to obtain information about your target market.
What is it for?
An MVP allows you to test your idea within the market without risking too many resources. It will allow you a sneak peek on your idea’s feasibility before you commit to launching a full app. You can then decide your next steps once you get initial data and results from your MVP.
What are its benefits?
There are multiple benefits of developing an MVP. As mentioned, it is a great way to get your feet wet and test out the market before going on a full launch on your mobile app. Furthermore, creating an MVP also decreases in the development time frame as well as associated costs. MVPs can also mitigate risk accordingly. It has the ability to test your idea first and confirm its usage whilst gathering the most amount of feedback and data from your customers. This data will be crucial towards the growth of your app when you do eventually create it.
Book your Free MVP Consultation NOW!
Our Sydney-based app development company team specialises in developing MVPs. Book your free consultation now to find out more!
eCommerce Design and Development in Sydney

eCommerce is growing all over the globe. More and more people are opting to shop online rather than visiting a brick-and-mortar store. By moving online, you open your business to new marketing opportunities and thus, ensuring its viability in this competitive market. We, at FARENTAL, can help you create an ecommerce site that will make your business scale, generate more sales, offer your customers a convenient service, and increase your products ranges.

Excellent service. i would like to thank the team at Farental for there outstanding service. thankyou for the website you have created for me. will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking to build a website or any type of software program for there business.

- Marianna Esber -

This team is 2nd to none!! Reliable, Professional and Helpful

- Hendrix Clark, DRIX GROUP PTY LTD -

My experience with the team at Farental Software has to be amazing... The end result for creating a mobile app for my family business was amazing. The team and Dominic took the time to understand my business goal and delivery a remarkable mobile app. I highly recommend anyone look for a mobile app to reach out to them.

- Joe Fung, NexMarketing -

On behalf of KGB Construction Group Pty Ltd, I would like to commend Dom and his team for their consistently amazing service. From setting up company emails, websites and just general enquiries everyone who I have dealt with have been more than willing to assist. I would be more than happy to recommend the Farental team to colleagues, friends and family! Well done Farental.

- Joanna Martin, KGB Constructions Pty Ltd -

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