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From brand logo to web design, make an impression that lasts with innovative campaigns.

As a full-service digital agency, we ensure consistency of your brand online or printed, from your brand logo to your website or app design.

A picture worth a thousand words.

FARENTAL’S team of creative and expert graphic designers listens to your personal needs, reflects them in your graphic design, helps you drive sales and make an unforgettable impression on your customers!

Graphic Design company based in Sydney

We are a specialist graphic design company based in Sydney, Australia. We create custom made logo designs, and all types of graphic design to responsive user-friendly websites, and complete branding solutions.

If you’re looking for a custom brand logo design and graphic design services to support your company branding, FARENTAL is your partner!

Our Graphic Design Services


Your logo is the foundation of your brand. It is often the first representation that people have of your company. As the base of your brand identity, it has to communicate the right message to your audience.

Your company will evolve and your logo has to stay relevant. FARENTAL is your logo design company in Sydney that helps you get a logo that will grow with your business.

Once your logo is created, use your logo for print, web, signage, packaging and any other promotional product! We cover all your graphic design needs

Websites and Apps

Need a new website or a refresh? Web design and development, eCommerce websites, landings pages, and SEO…We are Sydney’s web design and mobile apps experts.

Our team of website and app developers create user friendly websites, designed to reach your goals. All our websites are mobile, tablet and desktop friendly.

And everything in between to increase awareness and sales!

Digital Marketing

In addition to providing you with a professional brand logo, graphic design, web and app design, our graphic design company in Sydney is a full service digital marketing agency that helps you establish your market position. Competitor analysis, social media marketing, content marketing, ads…We are professional digital marketers here to make your business stand out!

FARENTAL is your full service graphic design and logo design agency in Sydney. Our professional team has extensive experience in creative graphic design, branding, marketing, web design and SEO. Our graphic designers, branding specialists and developers are the team you need to launch your business!

Stand Out From The Competition With Amazing Graphic Design.

Our Graphic Design Process.
  1. Whether you need a brand logo and / or other graphic designs, the process starts by a briefing so that we understand your business, its market, and your goals.

    We want to learn more about what you like and make sure we create a design with the colours, typography and graphics that reflect your company identity.

    Our designers will have a brainstorming session with you to help transform your idea into a graphic design that will support your company goals.

  2. FARENTAL’S graphic designers will produce visuals for you to review. Our creative brand logo and graphic designs specialists develop your company branding.
  3. You share with us your feedback: imagery, color.
  4. We make the revisions and provide our recommendations.

What is a brand logo?

A brand logo can be a name, graphic, emblem or symbol to identify a brand, company or product. It should be an identity tool that reflects your company’s values.

Your logo can be an abstract or figurative design, or the company’s name if it has sufficient brand recognition.

Looking for a brand logo to make your business stand out?

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Why is brand logo important?

Your brand logo is an important visual element because:

    • it is the base of all your branding,
    • it grabs attention,
    • it is memorable,
    • it sets your company apart from competition.
    • it sets the foundation for brand recognition, marketing strategies, products and services you will offer, and the rest of your graphic designs (web / app designs, stationary…).

Once you have a brand logo, you’ll want to use it across all your marketing support, including your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube.

Are you looking for online logo design services? FARENTAL helps you increase your brand’s presence with a logo in different formats so that it easily fits everywhere.

How to design a brand logo?

  • Define your brand identity
  • Brainstorm ideas for your logo design
  • Check out competitors
  • Choose your design style
  • Pick the right logo type, colors and typography

Looking for a brand logo to make your business stand out?


What makes a good logo?

    • Uniqueness: A good logo is unique and portrays your business accurately.
    • Simplicity: It should be simple and memorable
    • Right colors: Its colour palette should be simple as it must work in black and white.
    • Flexibility: A good logo is flexible to fit everywhere (stationery, website…).
    • Typography helps set the tone and should be carefully chosen.
    • Longevity: A good logo stands the test of time

A good logo shows what you stand for, makes people remember your brand, and helps understand what your business is about. Our professional logo designers at FARENTAL help you make the right decision for your logo!

Do you need a brand new logo or want to revamp an existing one? Whether you need an ecommerce logo or a retail logo, our graphic design agency creates the unique logo that will make your brand one of a kind. Contact us today!

How to get a brand new logo?

    • Tell us about your business, your industry and how you’d like your logo to look like
    • Give us feedback on the logo designs our graphic designers create for you
    • Get your logo design files such as PNG, JPG and SVG logo in high resolution and full copyright so you can start using it everywhere like on your website and business cards to promote your business or event

Looking for a brand logo to make your business stand out?

What are the different types of logo?

    • Lettermark: a logo that consists of letters, usually brand initials. Good for long names
    • Wordmark: a logo based on the business name alone. Focus is on the typography
    • Symbol: pictorial mark, or image based on an icon (eg. Apple or Twitter)
    • Abstract logo mark: a pictorial logo with an abstract geometric form
    • Mascot: a logo that has an illustrated character. Good to appeal to children and families
    • Combination mark: a logo that consists of a wordmark or lettermark and a symbol (pictorial mark), abstract mark, or mascot
    • Emblem: text inside a symbol or icon. Traditional look.
Looking for a brand logo to make your business stand out?


Our professional graphic designers create the custom logo and all supportive marketing material you need to promote your business in any industry.

Let’s work together to make your business grow!

FARENTAL is a digital marketing agency in Sydney, specialising in web and app design and development with over 25 years of experience. Our brand logo and graphic design company makes sure your branding effectively represents your business with quality designs.

Whether for a logo or an app design and everything in between, you came to the right place!

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Refresh
  • Branded Collateral

Bring your brand to life! We launch strong new brands and refresh existing ones!

We provide quality graphic design: logo, business cards, flyers, packaging, illustrations…

  • Web Design and Development
  • App Design and Development
  • UX and UI Design

We offer website and app design and development with e-commerce options. Our websites are SEO-friendly, responsive (mobile-friendly), and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media
  • Content Management
  • Online Ad
  • Event Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Product Photography

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